In-Studio Proofing


    StudioCloud offers free Integrated In-Studio Proofing. However, unlike StudioCloud's other products and services, the In-Studio Proofing does not have dedicated employees assigned to it and, as such, issues are resolved based upon the current StudioCloud workload. This page is to report all of the known issues and, when they are resolved, it will also reported the version that included the fix for them.

The following issues have been reported with the In-Studio Proofing
  • Creating a new album appears to work, but the new album doesn't show up on the list of albums. 
  • When ordering within the In-Studio Proofing module, there is no tab for services even if there are services in the selected price list. 
  • When adding a package, no association with the thumbnail or image name occurs when the invoice is opened. It seems to work fine if just adding an individual product though. 
  • There is no way to change to a different price list after an album is created.
  • Open the In-Studio Proofing Manager list of existing albums,- click the "pencil button" to edit the album. The album table opens with image thumbnails.- click Import images. I wish to do so to add more images to the album.- import an image from a folder in the file system.- save. Now when the album is opened again via "Open Event", the thumbnails have disappeared.